First Annual NYSDPA Dermatology Symposium
Thanks for your support!  It was a great success!!


icon-bookOur Mission
The NYSDPA was created to promote our role as dedicated physician assistants in the field of dermatology, with a strong focus on education and networking.


icon-healthContinuing Medical Education

NYSDPA provides continuing medical education (CME) and training opportunities for dermatology physician assistants in New York so that we may achieve our goal of providing outstanding quality care to our patients. Furthermore, this society acts as a resource providing information relating to our profession.


icon-rocketAdvancing Dermatology Practices

NYSDPA works closely with dermatologists and acts as a liaison between these dermatologists, physician assistants, and patients, thereby promoting a team approach to improve the lives of those with various disorders of the skin.


icon-playWhat is a Dermatology Physician Assistant?